The intent of this site is to make surfing the Internet easier.
On the HomePage yiou find an Alphabetical keyboard.
Under each lettre in this Alphabetical Menu you will find a list of all the sections that begin with the lettre you choose.

Left and right of the Alphabetical Menu you will find a series of quick (direct) links.
In the mobile version, these components will be displayed under the Alphabetical Menu.

For the rest, I think the site speaks for itself.

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I hope you enjoy the use of my surf site.
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When you want to have text, on this website, or any other web site, LARGER or SMALLER you have to do the following:

Hold the CONTROL KEY PRESSED and at the same time turn the SCROLL WHEEL of your mouse.

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Updated February 26, 2015

Welcome on my website(s).

My name is Hans van Assendelft. I am computer enthusiast from the first hour. Was around 1979, as for many, a Commodore 64 my first computer. In Basic I made a lot off bussiness programs to the turnover of the subsidiaries of the company I worked themselves to compare. This was, of course, includes charts ..... At that time quite a feat!

So I´m quite a while active on the Internet and during this years I have designed several websites. Most for plesure!

The main part off this website, began with the idea to make a DUTCH starting page. Kind of a simple Google...
On November 2, 2000 was registered.

After a redesign in 2008, the current design is from Februari 2015. All ready for the future, also usable mobile.


How about a whole load HANDY LINKS?

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